Fresh and healthy food


We are ready to provide all your parties and receptions with a professional catering service.


Do you have a party at home an no sense or time to prepare everything? Do you want to spend time with your guests? Then cook@home is something for you.

Take away

Too much work, no time to cook, but do you want to eat delicious and healthy food? Then you can pick up all dishes from us (by order). We can also bring it at your home or office.


Asian food is known as an honest and healthy kitchen. The enthusiastic use of large quantities of fresh herbs in dishes is also what this kitchen connects and sets apart from many other cuisines. The kitchen is so extensive and therefore there are enormous variations of food.


All dishes can be picked up at our address.
We deliver within a radius of 20 km with a cost of 5€.
For further trips we charge only 9€
Orders over 100€ are brought to your home free of charge.


  • Chicken wings


    Chicken wings marinated in HongsCook marinade, deliciously seasoned and slightly sweet. Can be baked perfectly in the airfryer or oven.  

  • Crispy scrimp

    0,95 €

        Entire scrimp in a crispy jacket of dough finished with beer. Fry for 4 minutes in a fryer at 180 degrees. Serve with HongCooks sweet-sour sauce.

  • nem pork (min 10 pieces)

    2,00 €

  • Chicken in black bean sauce


        This delicious dish is made with chicken, vegetables and a black bean sauce. The dish is slightly spicy.